"Cant forget the blueies. They like to blue it up!"

January 15, 2007

Oh man, I played so many video games over the weekend. And by video games, I mean one video game (Gears of War). I mean what's not to like? I get to chainsaw Scott in half! Now that's therapeutic.

Speaking of video games (and me shirking my obligations) with a World of Warcraft expansion coming out tomorrow, I have to admit I'm starting to get the itch to play again. However none of my friends are really playing anymore (or they're in so deep I'm sincerely frightened).

So I figured I'd ask, do any of you readers have any interest in playing? Maybe do a guild and roll some new characters or something? If the interest is there I'd love to do some casual WoW play... but if not, I guess I'll just skip it.

So if you're interested shoot me an email at shawn[at]staccatocomic.com and depending on the response I get I may have to pick up the game and jump back in.

"But our bowling alley runs on like, a Commodore 64"

January 12, 2007

Back from Florida! And I didn't get sunburned! That is my definition of a successful vacation!

Had yesterday off... spent most of my day doing this SketchBattle final. God I hate doing things that are more than four panels! >_<


January 8, 2007

Hey I vanished! Actually... I went on vacation in Florida. I should probably try to announe these things a little further in advance. >_> Well anyway, we'll be back on Wednesday and I'll have a stockpile of comics to upload.

So yeah, Alyssa and I are having a great time, the weather here is fantastic! And thank god... wireless internet! Those are the only two things I really need to have a successful vacation!

And now, back to relaxing!

Oh yeah... and this is great: Anime Simpsons/Futurama

"Yes! I mean... no? No, I mean yes."

January 4, 2007

New SketchBattle! Looks like I'm going to the finals. Never count out the wildcard!



January 2, 2007

Happy New Year!

Also BLARG... I threw my back out New Years Day. And I was cleaning of all things! How incredibly depressing. This is what happens when you become old like me.

Speaking of which, my birthday is tomorrow. Twenty-eight. Yeah, I'm not getting any younger. Maybe my back will be working by then... in time to party it up.

So today's comic is a little....... different! It's a little side-project I've wanted to do for a while... kind of a spin-off mini-strip like AG Lite (which of course was a blatant rip off of AZM Minis)!

My idea for "Fork You" is to create a new strip each day, in a mostly minimalist style. I've done this type of writing before, and for some reason it feels really natural, so I'm hoping I can produce a chuckle or two each day with this little comic.

Of course one major key to making this work will be to setting up an automated system where I can upload comics in advance and have them automatically upload to the site. I'm going to try and do that right away so I don't end up manually uploading new strips every day. Until I get that figured out however, I'll just sneak them into the site where I can.

So I don't know if this counts as a New Years resolution, but I'm going to see if I can do this little strip every day in 2007. I might need a little grace period to get it rolling, but I think the results could be very cool.

Oh and almost forgot... Christmas photos!


Katsucon 13
February 16th-18th 2007
Washington D.C.

Digital Overload
March 9th-11th 2007
Providence, Rhode Island

The Comic Book Show
April 1st 2007
Nashua, New Hampshire