April 16, 2008

Holy crap... uh, New York Comic Con is this weekend! Funny how these things sneak up on you when your life is an organizational mess and you have a four month old baby!

If you hadn't already heard... Dave, Scott and I are sharing a booth located right here. How crazy is this weekend going to be? MAD CRAZY.

As always I will have some of my trademark witty shirts, but also for this con I'll have a big pile of new/updated prints! And not only that but I'll have a few of the cool new Halolz posters as well! Be sure to bring your wallet so you can spend all your money and help keep Sophie stocked with diapers!

Or I mean, you can just stop over and say hi... that's fine too!

But yeah, this should be a fun/interesting/long/stressful weekend. Hope I survive it!

"Because my nipples do not produce milk."

March 27, 2008

Holy guacamole! Anime Boston was nuts! Haven't been that busy at a convention in a long time. Special ultra super thanks to Amy for helping me on Friday and Sunday, and Mom for helping me on Saturday! They are both stand up chicks!

Even though I was pretty much trapped at my table for the entire con, I did get to see a few of my pals, who I do not link to often enough after conventions. Said pals include:

Dave "No Girls Allowed" Stanworth
Matt "Considerate Cock" Herms
Karen "I Am Not Staying in New Jersey" Emch
Brian "What Year is This?!" Wilson
Chris "Soviet Shark" Malone
• And of course the Morlock Enterprises crew, who were kind enough to hang
 on to some of my crap after Katsucon and then bring it to AB. I owe you guys!

Also, hey! Remember back in November when I said you could buy some cool new shirts, but then they mysteriously disappeared? Well good news, they’re coming back! First up is “Fork You!” which is now up for presale in both Mens and Womens sizes! Here’s the original description, which should be up on the store page at some point:

If there’s one thing Fork can’t stand, it’s losing an intellectual debate to his pal Spoon. But still, there’s no excuse for resorting to vulgarity!

From the Staccato filler comic that everyone loves (or just loves to hate) comes a t-shirt that lets you show your love with pride. Also you might be able to offend some old people with poor eyesight!

That’s right, live the dream!

Remember, all proceeds go to the hosting of this site… and feeding me candy. Noble charities indeed!

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